Keys Under the Mat

There are times when you may need to give someone temporary access to your home. A common practice is to leave a key somewhere “hidden” like under a doormat, theoretically getting the key back later with no additional copies floating around somewhere.


We do not recommend this for several reasons. First, most burglars will look there. Also, keys can be easily copied and now with technology it can be done without even having to take the key so you will never know somebody has made a copy.

A better option, which we do recommend, is installing an electronic deadbolt lock on the main door or any exterior door you want.

SchlageconnectWhen you need to give someone temporary access they can be given a code to enter. Afterward, that code can be deactivated.

With some locks you can even lock and unlock the electronic lock remotely with your phone without having to give a code. (Third-party home automation or alarm system may be required).


Rekeying vs Replacing Locks

There are some considerations to be made when deciding if you should replace or rekey the locks in your home. The most important ones would be the quality, condition and complexity of your locks.


Let’s say you have Schlage, Baldwin, or Emtek (to name a few good quality locks) that are in good condition- your best bet will be to rekey the locks instead of replacing them. Or let’s say you have a mortise lock (normally at the front door) or multipoint locks with europrofile cylinders (normally found in French or patio doors); it will be best to rekey those locks instead of replacing them. In most cases it’s more cost effective as those locks can be quite pricey.


On the other hand, if you have aftermarket or low quality locks (found in foreclosure properties most of the time), we will recommend that you change the locks with better quality locks rather than rekeying them. In some cases in order to have one key for all the locks you will have to replace one or two locks in order to make all locks compatible to one key.  You may also choose to replace all the locks for cosmetic reasons, and have them rekeyed to use the same key.


We hope this helps, thank you.


Why Every Door Needs A Deadbolt


We recommend having a deadbolt lock on every exterior door of the home; and also on the interior garage door. This is especially important if you like to leave your garage open (Not recommended). In most cases a door without a deadbolt can be shimmed open easily!  For increased security, you need to have at least one deadbolt installed on every door and to make sure that the installation screws are long enough to reach the wood stud in the door frame. Most residential strike plates come with very small screws that simply won’t withstand a kick-in attack. We have heard a lot “I have an alarm system so I don’t worry about it”. While we think alarm systems are good to have and do recommend them, that doesn’t mean you have to make it easier for a burglar to break in to your property. The more difficult it is, the more discouraged they will be.